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(The Lulu shop should be closed in the next months, since the printing isn't of the best quality)

The Swan Tombstones/Le Caveau des 11 cygnes::::::::: Du Printemps à l'Hiver (Done with Alix) :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Genre: Dark fairytale
Story: Far in a dark forest, a cursed prince is living. To broke his curse, 11 maiden are sent every regularly. Liesbeth is one of them, but she really didn't expect to meet a crazy freak prince who don't wish to be released of his curse..

- Chapters 1 to 4 (2006-2011)
- Chapter5 (in progress...)

Genre: Fantasy/romance/fairy tale/shonen ai
Story: Far away in the dragon kingdom, exists four lands which personify the seasons and where they exists eternally. There lives the dragons of seasons, the sketchbook follow their stories...

- Sketchbook version1(10/06 SOLD OUT)
- New Sketchbook -reboot in full color-

TRASH:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: PENTATEUQUE(Done with Alix) :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Genre: Fantastic/humor/macabre
Story: Tremaine is a very skilled and frightening necromancer, and he owns some other frightening psychopaths. They could probably do a lot of evil stuff except... Tremaine has no ambition at all.
The daily lives of weird housemates.

- book1 (07/2008 - SOLD OUT for now)

Genre: Action/Fantastic/humour/romanceShonen Ai
Story: Follow the stories of the 5 secret militia of the Vatican, their people from different species, missions, relationship through history.
- sketchbook1 PENTATEUQUE (06/2008)
- sketchbook2 ESCHATON(10/2009)
-Comic1 by Bory: HEXAGRAMME part1(06/2009)
-Comic2 by Alix: CALIFORNIA (06/2009)
-Comic 3 by Alix: BLASPHEMY (06/2013)